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1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

1. I live in South Florida
2. I have been riding horses for about 8 years (two at this old run down barn and 6 at a barn called Malachi Acres)
3. Tend to be shy but once you get to know me I am crazy
4. Lesbian  
5. I have gone to the same school for 12 years (counting pre-school and kindergarten)
6. Have a pet cat named Ferris (from Ferris Beuller) and a hedgehog named Juno (from the movie Juno)
7. I have had 5 major surgeries, 6 cast removals, and 12 minor surgeries
8. Listen to Bjork and I am completely biased when it comes to music, sorry XD
9. I play the cello and the bass guitar
10. I have a crippled hand
11. I am a freak when it comes to movies. Name a movie, I have seen it

1. Your favourite book?
Probably the White Bone, it was very unique :)
2. Your favourite movie?
Like, ALL THE MOVIES!! :iconallthethingsplz: Seriously, I am obsessed with movies, I cant pick a favorite XD
3. List all the bands/singers you like so I can stalk them!!
Well Bjork, Modest Mouse is good, erm...Sick of Sarah is good too....and...ugh...Dunno :shrug:
4. Do you do any sports?
Horseback riding, and I used to surf :)
5. Do you ride horses/how long have you been riding?
Yes I do, for about 6 or 8 years, I forget XD
6. Any musical instruments?
Yup cello and electric bass ;)
7. Do you think these questions are stupid? XD
Yes...yes they are
8. Have any pets?
Cat and a hedgehog!! :D
9. Were did you have your favourite vacation?
South Carolina, because that is the only place I ever go :shrug:
10. What is your favourite outfit (buahaha I am random)
Ummm hoodie and jeans I guess...
11. What is your favourite country besides America (or the country you live in?)
Welp....probably Germany and Poland....dont ask XD

Questions for Tagged:
1. Favourite book?
2. Favourite movie that is not Harry Potter/Hunger Games? (seriosly, get original)
3. Have you taken a serious art class? Like not school shit, but ACTUAL class?
4. If you were stuck on a stranded island, and could only have 2 things, what would they be?
5. In the case of a zombie apocalypse, what would you do?
6. Please give a paragraph long answer about how horses are awesome. (Kidding, I just know that :iconmiyuchanthedemongirl: hates them XD)
7. Welp these questions are stupid. Do you agree?
8. What was the first thing you ever remember drawing?
9. Do you watch 2 Broke Girls. If not, WATCH IT!!
10. Do you ride horses?
11. Favourite music. If you say anyone that is stupid, I will not be amused.

I tag.....
:iconmiyuchanthedemongirl: :iconcheesebucket100: :iconmoonhorse421: :iconamyluvsgaskarth:
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  • Watching: Ferris Beuller's Day Off
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  • Eating: Kitt Katts :D
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk
Master Plan for Next Monday Morning

1. Dress like Allison Reynolds from the Breakfast Club
2. Walk down the asile on the bus singing "Danke Schoen"
3. Run down the halways of the school screaming "I WANNA BE AN AIRBONE RANGER!!!!" on the top of my lungs ripping down posters.
4. Have a random crazy dance scene in the library.
5. Walk down the halways of Lakeside during a crowed time with an empty Pepsi Can saying "Save Ferris?"
6. In artclass draw a pretty ink painting of a covered bridge surrounded by Birches and then shake my hair to make it look covered in snow
7. Stand on my best friend's brother's car and sing "Twist and Shout" while dancing like a crazy person.
8. Walk on the football feilds and do a random fist pump while humming "Don't You Forget About Me"
9. Get in the car going home singing "Bum bum oooooohhhh yeahhhhhh chicka chickow"
10. Eat a cake while siting in the middle of the dining table.

:love: Oh I love classic movies, especially by John Hughes!! :love:
  • Listening to: Björk
  • Reading: nothing. I cant read :|
  • Watching: Dancer in the Dark
  • Playing: the cello (not really, its broke.)
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
Ok, I am feeling better than last week but fucking seriously life??!?!?

So this is what happens

Saturday- Best day of my life. Rode my horse with my friend, had a sleepover with her, whent on a 4 hour bike ride with her (BAREFOOT) and cuddled with the hedgehog.
Sunday-more barn time but accompanied with pain from the surgery. I accedently grabbed the wrong pills and passed out for 5 hours and woke up sick. woops
Monday- still in pain/sick watched movies
Tuesday- left school early for post-hospital evaluation. the doctor decided that my fake fingernail should come off. turns out it had merged with a peice of bone. since most of my nerves in the fingers have givin up and my hand is numb, I decided no anesthetic. very stupid move. it went ok until he got to this one place, then the pain hit so suddenly it scared the crap out of me. I peaked over and saw gushing blood. :faint: I left claw marks on the table. now my hand is in constant pain with a gaping crator in my finger. too afraid to take painkillers
Wed- I come to school learning that some sixth grader bumped into my cello, causing it to land painfully on the ground, breaking the neck, snapping all the strings, dislocating the sound post, and bending the bridge. the coward has been hiding from me the entire day, but when I find him, I will strangle him with my one good hand. And the best part is that I have a concert tomorrow night that is a BIGGIE!!! and I have rehersal all day tomorow. I have to use this loaner cello that is older than the school. Grrrrr

So I will let yall (as in no one) know how the rest of this week goes. This will be fun!
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  • Reading: nothing. I cant read :|
  • Watching: Dancer in the Dark
  • Playing: the cello
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing
I never have a reason to be depressed. It just happenes with me.
I never feel like a good artist, no one gets along with me, and I feel just all around crappy.
We took this test today and I took my no 2 pencil and tried to cut myself.
I try listening to Björk because she is the only one that is really keeping me going, but my friend says its bad for me so I should stop. The things that are keeping me from killing my self are my music, my cello, (used to be) my drawings, and my best friend. I slowly feel like I am loosing all of them. I need to stop listening to my music because it is always pounding in my head, my cello because my hearing is getting bad and I am starting to play out of tune, my drawings because nothing is turning out good anymore, and my friend.
She is the best thing that has happened to me in a long time. I know I sound like a lesbian but she really is the thing keeping me going. She forces me to smile and talk and be happy. But when she goes back to germany I dont think I will survive. But I am enjoying life while I still can by hanging out with her at the barn. It is a good break from reality.
The reality is that I am failing math and might get kicked out of school. My "mother" is constantly yelling at me for this. I dont even consider her mine because I hate her so much. I really dont what to be here anymore.

I threw out a large portion of my drawings. I will go over some more with my friend and give some away to her. The rest will be scattered around the school to other people.
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  • Watching: Resident Evil
  • Playing: the cello
  • Drinking: chocolate milk :)
I just found out that three hours ago my grandmother died.
Expecting a rush of emotions....
Where are they?

I should feel sad, but I'm not. I have been expecting this for quite some time, pretty much since I was in elementary..and now it's happened. I now only have one grandparent that is snarkey, narcissistic, and critical. So I have really no emotions right now.

I had had a good day at school, no hard work, nice people, a ride at the barn with my best friend. I had found out when I got in the car.

The conversation

*door closes and I grab the water bottle*

Mom: Hey sloane
Me: Hi, I had a great ride, sorry I took so long Sundance was giving me problems, a little kid needed hep, and my friend whanted to talk-
Mom: Grandma's dead.
Me: O_O

Now I have a ton of homework to do. Bye!!!
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  • Reading: nothing. I cant read :|
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  • Drinking: chocolate milk :)
:edit: He died on Monday night  and unfortunately my Grandmother has been admited into Hospis(?) care. She can go any day. I cant see her because my depression is too bad right now.

How does this shit happen?

One beautiful day, then this.

I was having the best Saturday ever. I was at the barn that was deserted with my best friend, taking care of Emmy and just being happy, then going to her place and spending the night with her. We made pizza, talked, tried to learn some German from her, and just enjoyed each others company. I felt so happy, more than I have in a long, long time.

Then I went home.

Time to go visit my grandpa. Abschied!

For those (all) who don't know, he is dying. He has mursa and is fading fast. I went to the hospital with my mother. We couldn't even go near him without surgical masks, gowns, and gloves (glove for me because my fingers are wrapped up and we cant fit the bandages in the gloves).
We came in, and it was nothing I have ever seen before. He looked dead already, skin and bones (literally), and ghostly pale. Mom went to get the nurses for something, and he looked at me. He said that he is going to die, he just wanted to go so bad. He told me to do good in school and succeed (little does he know I am considering not going to college) and then mom came back in and started talking. After a while we left and now Im all gloomy. I know, deep in my guts, that I will never see him again.

Sweet Dreams Grandpa.

On a lighter note, I and not at Joe DiMaggio's anymore! Yay!
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  • Reading: nothing. I cant read :|
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  • Eating: crappy hospital food
  • Drinking: chocolate milk :)
Hey I had an infection where I had my surgery and now Im here in the hospital.
Its really hard to type because Im hooked to an IV and stuff plus the medicine is reqlly heavy stuff so Im a little out of it right now.
They took my pins and stitches out. Not a fun experience. Plus the nurse that did my IV stuck it in wrong; long story short: my blood all over the ground.
I am missing school today so that means double work.
Nurse is here now to give me more meds. Greaaaaat....
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  • Drinking: chocolate milk :)
Well I had my surgery. I wish I could say Im happy they did it. Truth is: Im in alot of pain.

The surgery went well. No joint replacement like expected but "slimming" of the sides of the fingers, debulking of the palm, rearrangement of the nails and something with the elbow.


Get a meat knife and cut two sides of my fingers. Take a small spatula and flip my nails off then stitch them in a different place. Taking a icecream scoop and dig around in my palm, then finishing me off with a nice slice to the elbow.

I know its complaining  but I wasnt expecting this. I had blocked out my old surgeries from my memory and I now know why.

I love my surgen but I love my painkillers even more now.
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I'm leaving on the 13th to get surgery on my hand! Will probably be in a cast for a loong time afterwerds so I don't know if I'll be able to ride :cries:. I'm going to miss the babies while Im gone. And a week after we get back, going to Seabrook, SC (about 45min drive from Charleston SC), so I can drive around and see all the pretty wildlife :love:.  
To tell you the truth, I'm very scared for this operation. They are taking out a huge chunk of bone and manually growing my fingers with these scary contraptions and sticking a medal piece as a replacement knuckle. Im going to be half robot!!!! *sob*

Wish me luck!
  • Listening to: Guns and Horses by Ellie Goulding
  • Reading: This is a Book by Demetri Martin
  • Watching: Tosh.0
  • Playing: the cello
  • Drinking: chocolate milk :)
Here is a list of things that have happened

1) graduated. going to 9th grade (HS) now.
2) now a CIT (consolur in training) at the barn. living. hell.
3) owner of Emmy. i didnt pay for her nor is she officaly mine, but she is my horse
4) getting a surgery on the 15 of july. going to be in a cast for a long time. i will not survive.
5) my best friends are in a) Colorado b) Bahamas c) Germany. I am completely isolated
6) fell off my friends dock and got cut by barnicles. now have a huge gash in my leg (not that bad, but it hurt).
7) cracked my iPhone 4, got a replacement with a case and a cover
8) celebrated my birthday
9) whent on a two day trip with my school to universal/ seaworld. annoying roomates


10) I GOT A TABLET :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la: :la:
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  • Eating: Flanagains take out
  • Drinking: beer (there I said it)
Sorry about the Annabelle thing. It needed to be wrote :pray:

Now good news!

Tday was the Winter Carnival at my school. We had fun because we did this thingy called "Chalk for Charity", where we decorated the sidwalk with art in front of the cafe. The carnial was like a fair, with rides, games, and shitty food. I won two goldfish :la:!!! And we had our Winter Concert, were I played the cello. Good news and bad news: I had been learning a cello piece for days (sence thursday) called O Holy Night. Bad news, got replaced by the  fucking "Lean on Me" song. But it was stil a good concert! I was the only cello player. Again. My other cellist decided that her stupid birthday was more important than the concert, and I had to take a different solo which I had only played once perfectly (wasn't a complete solo, just part of a song). We performed:
:bulletred: Spongebob Fucking Squarepants (sounds easy, but so many fucking off-beats and slurs and shit:fork:)
:bulletgreen: Holliday (Up on the Rooftop and Old Saint Nick)
:bulletblue: Rondeau (Theme from Masterpice Theatere)
Then we all had to do the Lean on Me at the end. We played it at the football concert for Evening of Strings (where grades 1-12 play one song with 500 violinists, 16 cellists, and 3 bases. no violas) the song was so bad I threw it out afterwerds.) I had to play it completely from memory WITH a solo.

Oh well. Great Concert anyway!
  • Listening to: The sad SPCA comercial song
  • Reading: The White Bone
  • Watching: My new fish swim around
  • Playing: the cello
  • Eating: Flanagains take out
  • Drinking: beer (there I said it)
:pray: Rest In Peace :pray:

Annabelle was my aunt's cat. She was a beautiful white Persian (not with the scrunched face, but a normal face!) and pretty blue eyes. She always hung out on my lap and purred.
She hadn't been eating or sleeping recently, and she was old. Her time to die. She passed away about ten minuets ago. She had been expecting to leave, and felt it was her time.

She was 19 :sadangel: